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VAT Returns

After becoming VAT registered you are required to submit VAT returns to HM Revenue & Customs. Depending on your arrangements this is done every three months. Bridge Point Accountants VAT returns services ensures your VAT returns are done on time and correctly. There are three ways in which BridgePoint Accountants can assist you in your VAT returns process:

  • We can do your bookkeeping and we can do your VAT returns on your behalf
  • Provide us with your bookkeeping data and we will submit VAT returns for you
  • Let us train you on how to process your VAT returns online

VAT Returns requirements

In order to submit your VAT returns correctly we will supply HM Revenue & Customs the following information on your behalf:

  • How much VAT you charged to your customers, and how much you owe to HMRC on other supplies you’ve made
  • How much VAT you are entitled to claim back
  • The amount of VAT you must pay to HMRC or the amount of VAT you can get repaid by HMRC
  • The total amount of sales and purchases you have made
  • The total amount of goods sold to customers or purchased from suppliers in other European Union (EU) countries

Instant VAT Returns

Using HM Revenue & Customs approved software, BridgePoint Accountants can submit your VAT returns directly and instantly to HMRC.

VAT Refunds

If you have paid more VAT on your purchases then you have charged on your sales, you are entitled to VAT refund. BridgePoint Accountants will determine amount of VAT refund that you are entitled to and submit all the required information on your behalf.

To find out how BridgePoint Accountants in Stourport can assist your company with VAT returns, please contact us to book a free consultation. If you wish to speak to us about our VAT returns give our accounting team in Stourport a call on 0121 231 7080.

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