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Download Useful Companies House Forms

If you own or looking to start a business you will need to use companies house forms. BridgePoint Accountants in Stourport has put together a list of most commonly used companies house forms for our visitors and clients.

If you need assistance with companies house forms completion or would like to speak to us, feel free to give us a call on 0121 231 7080 or contact us.

IN01 – Register a New Company

To register a new company with companies house use the form IN01.


AD01 – Change of registered office address

To change registered office of your company use the form AD01.


AP01 – Appointment of Director

To appoint individual as company director use the AP01 form.


AP02 – Appointment of Corporate Director

To appoint corporate body or firm as a company director use the AP02 form.


AP03 – Appointment of Secretary

To appoint company secretary use the AP03 form.


AP04 – Appointment of Corporate Secretary

To appoint corporate secretary use the AP04 form.


AA01 – Change of Accounting Reference Date

To change the accounting reference date use the form AA01.


AR01 – Annual Return

Annual returns form (link to companies house page).


TM01 – Termination of appointment of Director

To terminate appointment of company director or corporate director use the form TM01 .


TM02 – Termination of appointment of Secretary

To terminate appointment of company secretary use the form TM02 .


CH01 – Change of Director’s details

To change directors details use the form CH01.


CH02 – Change of Corporate director’s details

To change corporate director’s details use the form CH02 .


CH03 – Change of company secretary details

To change company secretary details use the form CH03 .


DS01 – Striking off application by a company

Use DS01 form to strike off a company from the register.

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