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Capital Allowances Table

Capital allowances are a tax relief designed to allow the cost of certain of your company or organisation’s assets to be written off against its taxable profits. They take the place of the depreciation shown in the financial (commercial) accounts, which isn’t allowable for corporation tax purposes.

Capital Allowances Table 2013/14
Annual Investment Allowance: £250,000
Rate: 100%
Write Down Allowances:
General Pool: 18%
Special Rate Pool: 8%
Energy Saving and Water Saving: 100%
Cars – New Cars Only
CO2 emissions up to 95(110) g/km 100%
CO2 emissions 96(111) g/km to 130(160) g/km 18%
CO2 emissions above 130(160) g/km 8%

What is Capital Allowance?

If you buy an asset, for example, a car, tools, machinery or other equipment for use in your business, you cannot deduct your expenditure on that asset from your trading profits. Instead, you may be able to claim a capital allowance for that expenditure.

What is the aim of Capital Allowance?

The aim is to give tax relief for the reduction in value of qualifying assets that you buy and own for business use by letting you write off their cost against the taxable income of your business.

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