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Business Calculators

If you are looking to find out how well your business is performing you can use our business calculators. Our business calculators are a simple and easy to use. Using our business calculators you can detect any potential improvements or financial difficulties your business might be experiencing. Use our calculators to work out your operating profit margin, gross profit, current company ratio, depreciation calculator and debtors day calculator.

Gross Profit and Gross Margin Calculator

Gross Profit and Gross Margin calculator helps you work out difference between revenue and the cost of making a product or providing a service, before deducting overhead, payroll, taxation, and interest payments.


Operating Profit Margin Calculator

In business, operating margin (also known as operating income margin, operating profit margin and return on sales) is the ratio of operating profit divided by net sales.


Current Company Ratio Calculator

An indication of a company’s ability to meet short-term debt obligations. The higher the ratio, the more liquid the company is.


Depreciation Calculator

Calculate how much your company assets or an asset will be worth in 5 years time.


Debtors Day Calculator

Find out how quickly your customers are settling their invoices. Debtors day calculator helps to indicate problems in debtors ledger.


Loan Repayment Calculator

Find out much your monthly payments will be before you decide to take out a business loan and how much interest you will pay over set loan period.

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