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Accounting Calculators

Our accounting calculators are designed to assist you in calculating all important financial aspects of your business in terms of accounting. We have split our accounting calculators in four main categories.

Efficiency Calculators

Our efficiency calculators can be used to calculate company efficiency ratios and activity ratios. In this section you can find asset turn over, inventory conversion period, inventory turnover ratio and accounts payable conversion period calculators.

Link to Efficiency Calculators

Basic Accounting Calculators

Our basic accounting calculators help you work out value of assets, business equity and business liabilities.

Link to Basic Accounting Calculators

Depreciation Calculators

Use our depreciation calculators to work out depreciation calculations of your company assets.

Link to Asset Depreciation Calculators

Liquidity Calculators

Common liquidity ratios include the current ratio, the quick ratio and the operating cash flow ratio, cash ratio and acid test ratio. Use our liquidity ratios calculators to find out your company’s financial metrics that are used to determine a company’s ability to pay off its short-terms debts obligations.

Link to Company Liquidity Calculators

Market Ratio Calculators

Market ratios calculators measure investor response to owning a company’s stock and also the cost of issuing stock. These are concerned with the return on investment for shareholders, and with the relationship between return and the value of an investment in company’s shares.

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